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Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Costa Rica was originally known for fishing, cattle ranching and logging until the early 1990s when people seeking an economical vacation spot spawned its popularity. At first the place was known for eateries attracting chefs from every corner of the globe to ply tourists with their recipes. Santa Teresa Costa Rica is known for its pristine sandy beaches and ideal surfing conditions, Santa Teresa Costa Rica became a Mecca for surfers.

The village has also become a Mecca for surfing instructors with the best surfing season being from May to December. Since the surf is at its peak during this season, it is highly recommended that only experienced surfers take to their boards.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica holds great potential for real estate and business development and is now home to quaint shops, banks providing ATM service, cafes having wireless internet capability and surfing equipment businesses

In addition to surfing, Santa Teresa Costa Rica is the ideal spot for snorkeling, kite surfing, and horseback riding on the beach. Santa Teresa Costa Rica is also a favorite wedding and honeymoon site.

Mal Pais , a small village very near Santa Teresa Costa Rica , is also a Mecca for surfers of all ability levels. In addition to surf and sun, Mal Pias offers fantastic entertainment after sunset. Following the enjoyment and wonder viewing a gorgeous sunset, visitors are treated to live music, beach bars and raggae nights. This area is also known for European bakeries, and fashion shows featuring resident designers who have come to the Santa Teresa Costa Rica area from all over the world.

Another tourist attraction near Santa Teresa Costa Rica is the multicultural, laid-back artist mecca at Montezuma. Like many small villages in the area of Santa Teresa Costa Rica, Montezuma boasts small houses built of wood, and a jungle atmosphere. On Saturdays, tourists are treated to a farmers' market where fresh produce and unique craft items are offered for sale.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica is one of the few places in the world that is home to nature reserves offering the observation of monkeys, sloths, deer, exotic birds and ocelots in their natural habitat. Along with nature reserves, one-fourth of Santa Teresa Costa Rica is dominated by rainforests. Special canopy tours provide guests with an view of Santa Teresa Costa Rica high as they glide above the treetops harnessed to a zipline.