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Pyrenees Tours

by: Simone Smith

If you’ve just completed sampling the urban delights of the many faceted and culturally diverse Barcelona, you might enjoy complementing this experience with a day tour or even a week long hiking tour of the Spanish Pyrenees. The Spanish Pyrenees offer a unique plethora of natural beauty, in which there is something for everyone.

Pyrenees tours

In the course of such a tour, you can visit quaint little medieval villages, in which the lifestyle has remained unchanged for the past centuries, with buildings that were erected 500 years ago. These little cobbled villages welcome you to cozy inns in which you can taste fine wines, and have delectable meals from the local cuisine, including excellent sausages, meats and fish.

And you will much require these refreshments, because off road tours in Spain can be an invigorating and challenging trek through some of the world’s most beautiful natural spots. There is nothing like hiking in the Pyrenees and Pyrenees tours in general.

Pyrenees tours, whether on a day tour or on a several day long hiking trip or even on motorbike tours in spain, you will encounter, amid the woods, waterfalls, ridges and valleys, unique flora and fauna, such as wild boars, ibex, chamois, edelweiss, wild narcissus and lilies. The ever changing landscapes of this geologically and ecologically diverse region include high mountaintops and cliff, and mild hills for more moderate hiking. But either way, the Mediterranean weather insures a year round pleasant hiking experience.

The Spanish Pyrenees are the perfect trekking region for nature lovers, who can enjoy all it can offer, whether traveling by mountain bike, motorcycle, on foot or in a jeep. There are many Pyrenees tours that offer any of those options. In addition, there are many activities, both extreme sports and activities more suitable for children, which you can enjoy while visiting this beautiful area. Such activities include skiing, horseback riding, white water rafting, golfing and even hot balloon rides.

In many any of the more extended tours, which can be as long as two weeks, enable you to appreciate breathtaking views ranging from rolling meadows and flower beds, volcanic ridges, and finally little picturesque fishing villages along the Atlantic coast, all part of this once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

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