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Dress up games

By: Robin Joy

Animal Games

Dress up games can be used to help children learn about different animals. They can each dress up as a different animal and play the character they are dressed in. They can even play fun games, such as telling "all mammals" to take one step forward, or "all felines" to take one step backwards. The teacher can pull out prewritten steps geared toward certain animals and read it aloud and the first animal to reach her wins. Other educational dress up games can include having a talent show in their outfits or simply performing a show together, dressed as animals.

Girl Games

One thing that girls love to do is play dress up games with their friends. Getting dressed up in fancy clothes and having a tea party is an all-time favorite that never goes out of style. What this requires is a wardrobe full of small sized clothing in pretty colors, styles and prints. Be sure to also include fake jewelry so that they can accessorize their tea party outfits. If the girls prefer other types of dress up games, they can also put on a fashion show for one another or for an audience of parents.

Games for Kids

Young students can get into dress up games by introducing them to various professions. Children can learn about occupations such as being a doctor, a firefighter, business woman or man, teacher, detective, police officer, scientist and many others through the art of dressing up. Provide a large variety of costumes or outfits that represent different professions. Be sure to encourage the children to try out different roles and try to dispel gender stereotypes. This way, dress up can be used as a tool to self-empower children and encourage them to achieve their dreams and dream about their future.