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Concierge Security

Concierge security is one of the foremost types of security operations present in the industry today. It is one of the most important and demanding forms of security that exists. Concierge security involves providing personalized, one-on-one security for individuals. These individuals are often important dignitaries and require security to be provided at the top levels. Furthermore, concierge security is often provided for celebrities, politicians or other individuals who need constant security to be provided for their personal safety.

Because security provided at these levels often involves a great deal of risk it is imperative that the company which provides concierge security ensures that the guards who are employed for these purposes stay abreast of new changes and developments in the security industry. Concierge security is typically only provided when the stakes are rather high. Therefore, it is important that these individuals be highly trained in a variety of potential situations which may occur unexpectedly, as they must be ready to provide protection for individuals at any moment.

Concierge security is therefore a highly specialized type of security that is provided within the industry. Individuals who work as guards must ensure that they are constantly aware of the situation around them. Due to the risks involved, many companies only employ their most experienced and trusted guards for these particular posts. Some security companies may choose not to provide concierge security at all. Those that do provide this type of security are likely to specialize in operations which may be considered high risk and therefore have training practices and employee evaluations put into place to ensure that the guards who work these posts are among the best in the business. This is important because the guards who provide concierge security may be forced to make critical decisions very quickly with only minimum information.