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Chess Online

"Choosing the right website", by Daryl Cosby

Playing chess online can as thought provoking as playing in a traditional non-electronic format and can even be more interactive. Playing the popular strategic game over the internet can actually benefit an avid chess player as the options to engage different competitors at a variety of different skill levels will keep even the most seasoned player on their toes.

Chess online also expands the playability to an international level since the internet can be reached by most anyone with a computer, and since chess is a language all unto itself then absolutely any two people from any spot in the world can play each other.

The decision to play chess online should be approached with a broad point of view. The options that span the entirety of the worldwide web is many and each provide a different format for playing chess online with different interactive features.

Because of all the options it is recommended that someone should look for the best website that will be a great fit. Each player will have different preferences, playing styles, goals to furthering their skills in chess and desire for international ranking, which are all factors to consider when choosing a site. Some online tournaments will be restricted to the domestic country of the player, others are open to everyone all over the world, and some tournaments are by invitation only to a select few that are already ranked on various websites that provide chess online.

Some more basic websites will have limited interactivity, like a simple chess board with no way to communicate with the other player, basically nothing more than a game without any other information. Other websites that offer chess online pride themselves on the interactivity as not only the players can communicate, but other curious parties can jump into the online room where the game is being played and watch the match.

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