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Best Goalkeeper

The Best Goalkeepers in the World

Soccer is one of those sports where people assume it's easy to score. Considering the wide goal, and only one major person in front of it in many cases, it would seem like an easy task to score a goal in and around the box. Despite the space provided, the best goalkeeper can make sure that even the best player, misses a point blank range shot. Deciding which of the major players is the best goalkeeper is not an easy task, however, when looking at the soccer world of today, you can narrow down the field to to three select players.

Spanish Flair: Iker Casillas

The Spanish have a long tradition of playing the "beautiful game" and Iker Casillas is one of the best players you'll see in the game today. Iker is sometimes referred to as "Saint Iker" because he has an uncanny way of making strikers miss and taking away the goals in play as if he were sent from the heavens. When arguing who the best goalkeeper in the world is, you'll be hard pressed not to mention this Spanish warrior.

Watch Iker Cassilas in action  -  a video of the best goalkeeper in the world.

American Made: Tim Howard

The American soccer tradition is not as engraved as other countries, but Tim Howard has been on a mission to prove that the Americans aren't just going to let any old ball in. Sure, the team has struggled with allowing goals within the first 10 minutes of play, but they keep stunning teams by regrouping each time. Howard is a dark horse candidate for best goalkeeper in the world, and continues to improve.

Maradona's Anointed: Sergio Romero

Sergio Romero of Argentina might be a young player, but he has made some of the most impressive saves in soccer history. The goalie has impressed Maradona and has been crowned one of the best in the business at thwarting shots on goal with precision not usually found in younger soccer players.

Arguments Abound

Ask any soccer fan and they'll point towards their favorites. The best goalkeeper is hard to point out sometimes, however, if you look at the preceding three, you'll notice that they are making names for themselves around the world and with everything riding on the line at the World Cup, are sure to save their teams time and time again.