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day tours in Barcelona

By: Donald Smith

One of the most visited attractions in Barcelona is The La Sagrada Família church.
At its highest point the church stands at 557 ft and has yet to be completed.
The church has been in the making for over a hundred years from 1883 and is expected to be fully finished in May of 2026. Become one of the thousands who have made The La Sagrada Familia church a must see attraction throughout their day tours in Barcelona.

Barcelona is home to 68 parks. The parks are divided in groups of historical, botanical, urban and forest parks, perhaps the most famous being Park de la Ciutadella. The 74 acre park is home to Barcelona’s zoo, museum of geology and museum of zoology. Simply put, day tours in Barcelona would not be complete without a relaxing walk in the park.

As you explore, a visit to the Picasso Museum is a must see as a part of your day tours in Barcelona. The Picasso museum is gifted with an extensive collection of artwork by the legendary Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso first came to Barcelona along with his father in 1894 and contributed 1000’s of pieces of his early work to the museum. Today the museum holds 3,800 pieces that are a part of the Pablo Picasso collection and touches upon his profound connection to the city of Barcelona. Also you can enjoy the famous Salvador Dali museum tours in Barcelona.

Prepare to be dazzled by The Magic Fountain of Montjuic. When activated during the summer months, The magic fountain of Montjuic will play music and give you an incredible show of light and water. The show lasts 15 minutes and starts every half an hour. Make The Magic Fountain of Montjuic an essential stop in your day tours of Barcelona and you will not be disappointed.

Salvador Dali - you should see this video!

As your  Barcelona Tours winds down take a leisurely stroll at one of Barcelona’s magnificent beaches. Among the seven beaches which Barcelona has, Sant Sebastia is one of the oldest and most frequented. Approximately 3,600 ft. long, Sant Sebastia offers you the opportunity to rest on its golden sand and enjoy the sound of the Mediterranean.

Also you can enjoy wine tours in Spain included the most exciting day tours in Barcelona of Spain.

Gaudi house museum

The Gaudi house museum in Barcelona, Spain was the actual home of architect Antoni Gaudi. He was inspired by shapes in nature to create unique, ornamental architecture. He borrowed concepts from carpentry, ceramics, and stained glass craft to add intricate details to his creations. Anyone interested in seeing these architectural masterpieces should check out day tours in Barcelona.

Gaudi lived in the Park Guell which was intended to be a complex of luxury homes. When they did not sell as expected, Gaudi bought one which is now the Gaudi house museum. Some day tours in Barcelona offer a discount when sightseers visit this museum and the Sagrada Familia church which Gaudi also designed.